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Student Exchange Program

Two Worlds Youth Travel a worldwide leader in international education offers student exchange opportunities that include a choice of more than 24 countries. Programs offered include summer programs, 4 to 6 month semesters, and full year academic sessions.

The value of cultural student exchange is an experience of a lifetime providing young people with an unforgettable awareness and lifelong appreciation of each other.

This website provides further information about our student exchange programs, however questions can be answered by an admissions advisor at (813) 600-3186. We provide student group exchanges and specialized programs just for teachers as well. 

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Summer 2012 - What's available?

Once again, summer is coming.  The question is where will you spend yours?   Paris, Rome, London, Montreal are great options or why not try  a Summer on the Beach program in Spain, France or Italy.  Whatever your destination, you are sure to have a summer to remember, but don't wait programs are available now, but will fill up quickly.  For prices and additional information Read more

Summer - Classes or No Classes?

Many students want to participate in a summer abroad program because it does not interfere with their normal course of high school studies.  What is better, a summer abroad program with or without courses? The answer depends mainly upon your objective, your own personal reason for participating in a summer abroad program.  If you wish to attend a program in a non-English speaking country such as Italy, France, Spain, Japan, China or Germany then you will have the option of selecting a program with language courses or without language courses.  If you choose a summer program to England, Ireland, New Zealand or Australia, then you will not have the option to take courses. Read more

What if I have never studied a foreign language before?

Many programs are open to beginners, these include:

  • Semester & Year Abroad programs in- Greece, Germany, Italy, England, Ireland, New Zealand, & Canada
  • All SUMMER Programs! - Summer programs have no foreign language requirement and beginners are welcome

    Read more

Getting Credits for overseas study


Content Image InlineToday most high schools understand the importance of participating in a study abroad program and how much a student can gain by spending a semester or year abroad.  However, it is very important to ask your high school if you will be given credit for the courses taken while abroad because it is the choice of your high school to give or not give credits. If your family is ready to allow for your travel abroad but would like further discussions to take place with your high school prior to enrollment,  our staff is available to assist in the process. Read more

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